Amused; NOT a Muse

Updated: Nov 8, 2018

Perhaps young in years, artist “Not Your Muse” illustrates a curiosity in her paintings. The brilliant talent’s pseudonym: “Not Your Muse” was conceived with an attitude that embodies the power of femininity. The belief is: women are not designed to inspire men or be their muses. The softer sex can certainly birth ideas, art, and express themselves with purpose. The nomenclature of “Not Your Muse,”  is deeply rooted in the ideology every woman can manifest her destiny as her own creative force. The artist is a proud mother raising her son to seek a woman that has her own opinions. From the beginning, women were gifted the strength to create not

just art but create actual life. As the leading female impressionist painter collected by celebrities, professional athletes, fashion designers, models, and musicians, “Not Your Muse,” proves women can do it all.

“Not Your Muse” artworks hang in major galleries and auctions platforms all over the US. Her original artwork will be apart of the Forbes 30 Under 30 Summit in Boston on October 1, 2018. Damon Dash holds over ten “Muse” pieces in his gallery. ASAP Rocky bought a piece for his personal home. She is a member of Artists for Athletes. Lance Kendrick’s of the Green Bay Packers bought one of her pieces. The seductive, mysterious artist’s clientele ranges from Hip-Hop celebrities, to professional athletes, in addition to the avid art collectors. As her audience expands and attracts an international fanbase, this beauty is definitely an artist to watch. Check her out on Instagram @not_yourmuse and twitter @not_yourmuse.