Eddy Bogaert paintings are coveted by the who’s who of the art world. His work reveals a variety of contrasting aesthetics he has described as a “chaotic balance”. The artist uses mixed media and bright colors against dark canvases he illustrates the contradictions and layers of humanity.

He is known for his edgy style and crowd-drawing popularity. His art is splattered all over Art Basel Miami events of previous years. Featured at high profile parties his paintings and presence are in demand. Eddy Bogaert recently collaborated with Midtown Manhattan’s Bloomingdales and constructed art installations inside the luxurious department store in addition to curating all of the department store’s window displays with his original art and concepts.


Eddy Bogaert’s pieces are pop art and pop culture at its best. Many of his paintings are able to give the viewer a new perspective when a black light is shining on his work in a dark room. Often 3-D glasses will allow the art to “pop out” with this unique affect he applies to his work.

His art has inspired music and fashion influencers. Often sited at a posh party with Famous Celebrity DJs and seductive cover-girl models; it’s not just a painting it’s a lifestyle. From black tie affairs, to invitation only loft parties, to underground rendezvous, Eddy is not just a member but also an all access VIP member to art’s elite. His art has profound impact on the trends of the "Beautiful People" and eccentric cultured class. Eddy Bogaert holds the keys that open the door to a world of creativity and limitless possibilities. If you knock he just might let you in.