The Business of Social Media

Have you considered creating a brand profile on Instagram to make your brand visible to a new market?  People explore Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest to be inspired and

discover things they care about.  Including brands and businesses.Businesses have been rushing to Instagram in by then tens of thousands. In response, Instagram started business page options, which offers tips, brand and spotlights.   

What can social media do for your business or your brand?

•  Share a distinctive view of the world

•  Cultivate a unique visual that conveys your brand's core values

•  Capture interesting images to inspire the core target customer 

•  Focus and find an eye-catching image making viewers do a double take

ArisePR Public Relations & Marketing owner, Adrienne Russo, recommends working with an expert that provides social media growth, content and management.   She believes the most advantageous social media marketing experts conceptualize and produce video content. It is important videos are produced with original music (to ensure it’s not removed for copyright reasons), engaging marketing material, correctly formatted in length and size for effective marketing with results. Video content creates a dialogue with your audience telling the story of your brand for you. In a visual society, it will highlight key points and engage potential clients. 

Today, video content is produced for universal applications:

 Website·    Social media·   Viral Marketing·   Blogs and Vlogs·   YouTube CommercialsApps & More