Our mission is to connect our clients with a network of consumers just as dynamic as their brand. The executives at ArisePR Public Relations & Marketing leverage a multi-platform approach that delivers opportunities for our clients to thrive in today's market. ArisePR creates original content along with effective business strategies intended to increase brand visibility and engage a targeted demographic. Our team of experts specialize in the art of storytelling. Press releases, blogs, website content, music video treatments, and designing electronic press kits (EPK’s) as well as sponsorship decks are just a few of the mediums through which we elevate an individual or brand’s narratives.  We don’t just tell our clients’ story; we tell their best-sellers.

Our Founder, Adrienne Russo, brings over 15 years of industry experience.  Her career has spanned both music marketing and real estate.  Adrienne leverages her diverse experience and proven public relations and marketing skills in supporting clients in various industries. Our clientele encompasses Billboard charting musicians, architects, med-spa doctors, fashion models, art galleries, world champion boxers, and more.  Our company bridges the gap between conventional public relations methods and the latest tactical solutions with advanced technology in digital marketing. 


The events department at ArisePR is able to conceive, plan, or collaborate on a broad range of affairs such as: product launches, concerts, listening parties, album release parties, real estate networking events, grand openings, book signings, art shows, conferences, red-carpet events, and more.  Our company is able to procure investors, sponsors, and funding for projects in addition to booking paid posts, gigs, and obtaining endorsements.  We also design media kits, investor decks, and sponsorship decks to support these efforts and we utilize our extensive network list.